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Friday, December 11, 2009

Learning Objective - Understanding the study of Biology
Learning Outcomes - A student is able to:
* state what the study of Biology is,
* explain the importance of Biology,
* list the different fields of study in Biology,
* list the careers related to Biology,
* state various ways of studying Biology.

The Study of Biology:

Biology is the study of life or living organisms.

bios - life
logy - (original: logos) which means study.

The organised study of living things as well as their interactions with one another and the environment.

The importance of biology :
* Enables us to understand life
* Helps us to understand how each species fit into the dynamic pattern of life on Earth
* Helps us in managing the natural resources
* Enables the discovery of many important advances in biotechnology, medicine and genetic engineering

Benefits of biological research include :
* Better understanding on the functions of human body.
* Better understanding on the causes of diseases and its cure.
* better understanding on ecology and hence improve the management of problems related to the environment.
* Saving animal and plant species which are facing extinction.

Fields of study in Biology :

Careers related to Biology :
* In fieldwork such as ecological researcher
* In laboratory work such as testing of products, quality control of pharmaceutical and health care products
* In health care such as radiographers, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, optician, doctors and surgeons.

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