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Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Indonesia Jardiknas is a massive infrastructure specially built as an intranet connection.
The development of this infrastructure started in early 2007 and estimated to finish in 2009.

Technology: MPLS, VPN-IP and VSAT-IP
Acess : Teresterial (wireline, wireless) and Satellite

This network will covers:
• Official Zone
• Higher Level Education Zone (INHERENT)
• Lower Level Education Zone
• Personal and Community Zone

In order to carry this mission, the Department of Education Republic of Indonesia will be performing a large scale training for 1.9 million teachers and officers who will be in charge of the network.

- Jardiknas connect all Provincial and Regency/Kabupaten office of Education Administration and Schools and Universities throughout Indonesia

- The aim of Jardiknas is to facilitate and optimize data and information flow and learning resources among education institution.

- Jardiknas also help information and data flow in a transparent, efficient, and effective way.

- Jardiknas also help decision support system for the Ministry of Education and the office at Provincial and Regency/Kabupaten level.

Retreive From:
- Giri S Hadihardjono, The National Council for Information and Communication Technology - Asia Africa Open Source Conference, Jakarta, 18-19 November, 2008



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