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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family only can see David's cadaver from neck untul head, while others part had covered with plastic, WHY ?
When will The Singaporean Media start reporting the truth on the death of David Hartanto Widjaja ?
When will The Singaporean Goverment declare the truth behind the death of David Hartanto Widjaja ?

1 Released by Media that David had attacked Professor Chan Kap Luk, then have intention to suicide by slicing his wrist , from where that the news come from. What they purpose to publish false news mentioned that David had slashed his own wrist?

2. When Davids family arrived in Singapore on Monday 2th March 2009 at night after the incident, Family wanted directly to recognize Davids cadaver however there are certain parties not allowed them. They said that its already the rule, so family tried to be cooperative even at the utter shocked moment. When Family had been allowed to recognize Davids cadaver after waiting for one day, nevertheless Family only can see Davids cadaver from neck until head, while others part had covered with plastic even they had asked to open the plastic and wanted to see his entire cadaver. Family had confirmed to Singapore police there is no wound on his wrist and at that time family also found there were many plaster on his front neck (neck under chin).

The question is why they have to wait for 1 day just for seeing their sons cadaver?
Why Davids cadaver covered with plastic and not allowed to be opened? Is there any rule like that? Or just manipulation from certain parties to cover the truth?
From where wound on his neck? Why around Davids cadaver buttock had much blood? And never had been discussed by media.

3. Due to not been allowed to see Davids cadaver, Family decided to visit the spot on Monday night, however when they were there they couldnt see any blood left or police line, its already been cleaned. Only within 7 hours after incident the spot had been cleaned totally. Is there any reason why they are so rapid cleaning the spot?

4. Then Family visited Davids room and they found all the computer devices still on. Does someone who intent to suicide still switches on his computer? Even Davids friend who was online witnessed Davids msn account still appeared online. Does it looks like David wanted to end his life? Even he still played online games with his friend who visited Davids family with us until 2 am at Monday morning.

5 In Professors room family found there was Davids bag. In his bag family found 1.5 L mineral bottle and towel.( for those who knew David , He always brings towel to school even sometimes he put his towel on his neck. He also always brings water because his mother always instructs him to consume much water.) Does someone who want to suicide will bring this kind of stuff, it would be more easy to bring merely knife which is belongs to somebody.

6 .Davids family had been prevented to meet with Professor Chan Kap Luk with reason that at that time he was still in ICU. However Professors condition had been stable since Tuesday and allowed to return home on Wednesday, mentioned by Singapore media. However until today I never heard his statement towards this tragedy.

7. When family intended to meet with the witness who saw Davids suicide from 4th floor, NTU not allowed with reason that this issue should be keep confidentially. So from where we know that there is someone who saw Davids suicide, not accidently falling or there someone pushed him down?

8. Data about David and his final year project had been removed from NTU data base. Within 2 days NTU directly removed Davids data and his project. Is there any special reason behind this? Why should quickly removed his data? Dont they have any feeling to remember their brilliant and intelligent student who won International Mathematic Olympic? Seemed like David never study in NTU.

9. The knife that had been used is from 4th hall, is that the result from investigation? Or just excused? One of our friends who study at NTU said usually Professor has small knife in his office to cut fruit. The question is that knife belongs to David or Professor Chan Kap Luk?

10. The tragedy happened at 10.45 am on Monday Singapore time. Doesnt its oddity, merely few students who witnessing the incident? Is there any demand from NTU to remain silent?

11. The tools that had been found to stab the Professor is fruit knife without handle. Where is the handle? Is it possible to stab someone using knife without handle? Who stab who still been unknown, and the handle should be found. However there isnt formal specify explanation about this case.

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